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Center for Mitochondrial Medicine Research Group

Mission statement:

Program in Mitochondrial Medicine (MitoMed)

The mission of MITOMED is to research the role of mitochondria in disease and to develop more effective diagnostics and therapeutics.

MITOMED is part of the Center for Mitochondrial and Molecular Medicine and Genetics (MAMMAG), a group of over 50 physicians and researchers who investigate different aspects of mitochondrial genetics. These experts in their field all support the MITOMED group by providing cutting edge technology and up-to-date research knowledge.

MITOMED also conducts monthly interdisciplinary meetings to discuss patient cases. Healthcare providers from a number of specialties work together at these meetings to analyze the clinical history, laboratory results, and family histories of our patients. The goal of the meetings is to help our referring physicians to accurately and responsibly assess their patients with potential mitochondrial disorders.

The MITOMED program strives to explore all aspects of mitochondrial disease. Our group offers the following:

Referrals to an evaluation clinic at the UCI Medical Center:Evaluations at UCI Medical Center in Orange, CA are available for patients who need a standard-of-care clinical work-up for a metabolic disorder. The evaluation clinic may also arrange collection and analysis of patient samples to look for evidence of mitochondrial defects through histological, biochemical and molecular genetic testing.

MITOMED Research clinic at the General Clinical Research Center (GCRC) on the UCI Campus: MITOMED coordinates clinical research studies on the role of mitochondrial defects in a spectrum of disorders. Selected patients are invited to participate in further investigations. Clinical trials of new diagnostic procedures are currently offered to certain patient populations. All research is conducted under IRB approved research protocols, with informed consent, and adhering to HIPAA guidelines on patient confidentiality.

CLIA-certified molecular diagnostics lab on the UCI Campus: The MITOMED molecular diagnostics laboratory under the directorship of Elizabeth Chao MD, FACMG offers testing for a number of mitochondrial diseases. This laboratory draws extensive cutting-edge technical expertise from a number of the world’s leading mitochondrial geneticists.

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